Participants with disabilities will be able to choose and control their life through the NDIS support so they can participate in a life filled with community and employment opportunities.


NACD programs are designed to address and eliminate specific learning, behavioural, physical and developmental issues

Early Childhood Intervention

We professionally support children who have developmental delays or disabilities. It aims to promote age-relevant growth and development during their childhood years and provides support to the child’s family.

Support Services

CEADA provides a range of services focused on meeting the needs of the Participants, children and families we work with, starting with their basic daily life needs, to their full engagement in the community through professional and social programs, counselling and gaining employments.


"CEADA have provided me with exceptional quality of care, I feel totally confident and comfortable with the staff, the work is completely professional and done in a very efficient resourceful manner. They are always a pleasure to deal with and I have never had an issue in seeking services from them. They go over and above what is required and help facilitate independent activities in the best way possible! "

.....CEADA Client

"I just wanted to take the time out to thank you. Over the last few years, I have been through many ordeals with previous companies where I have been left dumbfounded at how customers are being treated. Since being under your care with CEADA, I have never looked back and appreciate the time, the care factor you continue to display and the communication you deliver to me as your client. Acknowledgement is the least I can give to the continuous support you provide me and my family. It honestly means the world knowing that that I have you both standing there as pillars of strength I can always rely on. Thank you once again for the continued support and the care you show me and my family. Keep on doing what you do"

... CEADA Client

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