About Us

CEADA’s role is to build an inclusive environment that enables our participants to make their own choices and cultivate their own interests during their time with us. We promote positive social interactions and encourage the role of families as we aim to work collaboratively to accomplish our goals.


Kay Ishak

Kay Ishak is the Founding Director of CEADA (Community Enrichment and Development Association) a registered NDIS provider.

CEADA’s core purpose is Optimal Care with an integrative multi-disciplinary approach focused on individual needs. Kay draws upon her training in various neurodevelopment disciplines including trauma counselling, psychology, and early childhood intervention to deliver quality at all levels with a culture of continuous improvement.

Kay is particularly passionate about Intervention practices where she has drawn on years of experience helping others in the community to reach their greatest potential, irrespective of their circumstances. Kay is also a strong promoter for identifying available NDIS funding to ensure appropriate services are best suited for each participant.

Kay has more than two decades experience in the welfare and education sectors with her work ranging from managing NDIS disability services to various early learning centres including long daycare and OOSH. Most recently Kay is the founder of Alphabeta Retaval Preparatory School.

Kay has also regularly advocated in the local, state, and federal government arena on the changing landscape of children’s services and is Australia’s premier instructor for the National Association of Child Development (NACD) providing the Targeted Developmental Intervention Program to assist not only children but adults in their everyday life.

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