Our team

Kay Ishak
Chairperson/ Founding Director


Kay is the Chairperson and Founding Director of CEADA.She is also General Manager at Alphabeta Business Management Services (ABMS). Kay has qualifications in Welfare Studies and Psychology. She brings with her a wealth of experience in the childcare industry including establishing and running long day care and OOSH centres, managed under ABMS. Kay also offers her skills and knowledge in new business start-up, management and leadership, managing multiple business operations under one roof and financial planning. More recently, Kay has been trained as a coach for the National Association of Child Development (NACD), providing NACD neurodevelopment programs and services on both children and adults. Kay is also a trained trauma counsellor for children, in the SE (Somatic Experience) method, by Dr Peter Levine. Kay has consulted to local, state and federal government on the changing landscape of children’s services, including the recent state government draft SEPP for Education and Early childhood services. Her experience spans two decades working within local government, establishing services and maintaining their viability during the Howard government childcare reforms to the present day.

Therese (Terri) Noujaim 


CEADA Founding Board Member/Non-Executive Director

 Therese has qualifications in Commerce (Marketing) and Market Research and is currently part of the Vodafone marketing management team. She brings with her more than fifteen years of marketing experience in the financial services industry including stakeholder management, project management, budget management, print and mail management, brand consultancy and management. Terri also has two years experience in small business consultancy and development of policy, procedure and operational manuals. She offers her skills and knowledge in creative and strategic direction for CEADA. Therese is married and has four children, all of whom have been on the neurodevelopmental program.

Alison Rex Paulin

Non-Executive Director

Alison is an advisory panel member with over 25 years experience that has included customer experience, digital marketing, management and training in the travel, financial services and real estate industries. Alison is currently studying Nutritional Medicine and will play a crucial role in providing nutritional and dietary support as part of the children’s’ development programs. As a mother, Alison also understands the importance of how lifestyle factors can impact development. Her knowledge helps us to guide our clients towards lifestyle changes aimed at maximising learning potential.

Key staff

  • Louisa Iles – Office Manager
  • Stacey Rigby – Accounts Manager
  • Evette Franjieh – Public Health Officer
  • Lee Woods – Client Liaison Officer