Neurodevelopment programs

Exciting new brain plasticity programs

Brain plasticity, or neuro plasticity, is the fastest growing science on the planet. It refers to how the brain responds to its environment, learning and adapting behaviours necessary to survive – speed, memory, problem solving, attention and flexibility. With the right brain training programs, you can improve your ability to change the brain’s structure and the way it functions, increasing your potential to learn, think and respond better. In addition to improved learning abilities, brain plasticity has been recognised world-wide in playing a fundamental role in recovery from brain injury, defects, reduction of mental aging and the alleviation of chronic pain.

At CEADA, we’re always looking for new and cutting-edge neurodevelopment programs, that are scientifically proven to ‘unlock’ a child’s brain function. By improving it, it does not determine how intelligent they actually are, but does determine how effectively they can access their innate intelligence.

Do you have a child with learning difficulties?

We work with a number of providers to offer programs that are ideal for children with learning challenges or attention deficit disorders. The most common problem for these individuals is that they have low sequential processing – limited sequential processing is similar to not having enough memory in your computer. Some things work just fine. Others work, but slowly. And certain things do not work at all. By participating in the right brain training program, solutions to problems will come more easily and processing multiple sources of information will be less confusing. As they increase their sequential processing, their stress level will decrease, and their confidence will soar.

Unlock your child’s potential with a neurodevelopment program. Custom NACD neurodevelopment home based programs are:

  • based on individual assessments and specific programs developed based on needs and development outcomes required (identified during the evaluation process)
  • proven success in helping individuals with autism, brain deficiencies, learning disabilities, gifted individuals and typical individuals who simply want to do better;
  • family centric programs are designed to be implemented in the home over 12 months.

NACD Simply Smarter Online for Schools is:

  • a new online program that targets working memory, sequential processing, auditory and visual processing and perception
  • accessed through a 12 month licence to schools or for home use on a daily basis;
  • able to track performance and continuously challenges each child at their own ability by adjusting the intensity and difficulty of each task in real time.

Cogmed Working Memory Program:

  • is an evidence based cognitive training program
  • allows students to complete a structured program of working memory exercises to improve working memory capacity;
  • consists of 25 x 30-45min sessions over a 6-7 week period.