NDIS Process

Get Ready Start Today

Learn if you might be able to access the NDIS. Complete the access checklist (provide link to this). Your first meeting might be only months away, it’s best to be prepared early.

Think Big

Think about your life now. What are your current supports, funded or informal? What is working and what might need to change? Don’t worry about barriers you might have run into in the past – the NDIS is a new way of looking at it. Learn about reasonable and necessary supports. There’s no limit to the number of goals you can have in your plan.

Write a list or keep a diary

Identify your strengths, interests, challenges you face that make your life harder than it could be and consider your short term and long term goals or what you might like to achieve. Read about the types of services and supports the NDIS can provide. Write these things down and collect any previous reports, assessments or information you might like to provide when the NDIS is made available to you.

Create your NDIS Plan

Your plan is the start of a lifelong relationship with NDIS, but you don’t have to get it right straight away. It can be easier to start with the supports you already have, take some time to adjust and think about how your needs/goals might change over time. Try to be as specific as you can about what you need and what you want, what your goals are and how you want to live.


Learn the language – check out the NDIS glossary. Try and gather as much information as you can in advance Your plan won’t be developed without YOU. An NDIS representative will talk you through it either over the phone or in a face-to-face meeting. Feel free to take someone with you – you don’t have to go through this process alone. Once your plan is developed, you can manage it yourself or get assistance from an organisation like CEADA.

Choose your Supports

You can choose which providers you want to deliver your supports and they aren’t just limited to what is typical for someone with a particular disability – Make it work for you. In choosing a support provider consider: Who is local to you? Does the provider meet your needs? Will the provider support your rights as an individual? Can the provider offer the flexibility that fits your life? What skills and experience do the staff have? Does the provider charge a fair price? What evidence is available of the quality of support provided? The NDIS publishes a price guide used to calculate the amount of money you receive for supports based on your plan. Remember that your plan is not a one off – If, or when, your needs change so can your plan change. Visit the NDIS website for more comprehensive information about your NDIS Pathway.