Support our cause and help us provide relief to families and children who need a little extra assistance.

Three boys having a blast playing on a tire swing ** Note: Slight blurriness, best at smaller sizes

Your donation will help us to provide:

  • neurodevelopment programs for individuals with learning difficulties
  • school bursaries / scholarships
  • assistance to families with children with ongoing additional needs
  • providing access to families who need intervention services (crime, behaviour, learning, parent skills, health and nutrition, counselling, anti-bullying programs etc.)
  • sports and other activities for children to participate during before/after school care who would otherwise not be able to afford the activities without your help
  • financial aid to cover the cost of equipment or educational resources. Our assistance is given to applicants who meet certain conditions and on a priority basis.

Contact us to pledge your tax-deductible donation. A huge thank you to our supporters and community partners. To date, we have been able to set up a herb garden at a local school, fund working memory training for up to 20 students, fund customised NACD neurodevelopment programs for several children and help fund educational bursaries for families experiencing financial hardship.