Children with additional needs

We understand that not all children are the same and that some children may have additional needs for various reasons. Our service positively responds to and welcomes children with additional needs who:

  • are Aboriginals or Torres Strait Islanders
  • are recent arrivals in Australia
  • have a culturally and linguistically diverse background
  • live in isolated geographic locations
  • are experiencing difficult family circumstances or stress
  • are at risk of abuse or neglect
  • are experiencing language and communication difficulties
  • have a diagnosed disability, e.g. physical, sensory, intellectual or autism spectrum disorder
  • have a medical or health condition
  • demonstrate challenging behaviours and behavioural or psychological disorders
  • have developmental delays
  • have learning difficulties
  • are gifted or have special talents;
  • have other extra support needs.

We understand that additional needs arise from different causes, and that causes require different responses. Any child may have additional needs from time to time. We recognise that they may be temporary or for a lifetime.